5 Reasons You May be Drug Tested

A drug test is used to determine if a person has used drugs of any type. There are a few different types of drug tests out there and some test for more drugs than others. You can even find test that detect the presence of some of the most commonly abused prescription medications that are out there. Why would you need to take a drug test, especially if you aren’t a person who’d ever touch them? There are many reasons why you may be given a drug test los alamitos ca including the five listed here.

1- Job: If you are searching for a new job, most employers will give you a drug test before they hire you. If you test positive for any drugs, you may be denied a position with the company.

2- Probation: If you’ve been placed on probation with the state for conviction of a crime, a drug test may be a part of your probation requirements. You are required to pay for drug tests when given for probation.

3- Employee Injury: Injured on the job? If you plan to file workers comp claim, expect to take a drug test. If you test positive for drugs, you may not be entitled to the same benefits as you otherwise would, if any at all.

4- Random Testing: Most employers also conduct random drug tests on their employees to ensure they are maintaining a drug-free environment.  An employee who fails a random drug test may lose their job!

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There are several reasons why a drug test may be given, including the four listed above. Urine drug tests ae the most commonly used type of test, through blood sample and saliva testing is also available if those options are preferred.