Why Am I Required to Take a Drug Test?

A drug test is designed to detect the presence of many different types of drugs within the bloodstream. They’re used by many companies to test for the usage of illegal substances for many purposes. You will need to take a drug test after an on the job injury, for example. Most people are aware that the drug test is needed but most people are uncertain why the test is needed.

Why Do I Need to Take a Drug Test?

When the insurance company gives you post accident drug tests clarks summit pa they are looking to find out if you use illegal drugs that could have contributed to the accident. If you do not pass the drug test your claim for benefits is denied.  Being intoxicated by drugs can affect your decisions, thinking ability, and many other areas of your life. If you were under the influence, it could very well be the cause of the accident.

Types of Drug Tests

There are a couple of ways that an employer can test for drugs. The most common type of test is the urine test.  The urine test can even test for the presence of alcohol within the prior 24-hours to the test if that is something that interests you. There is a saliva test that you can use to detect drugs and blood tests are also used though rare.

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As long as illegal drug aren’t a part of your life, taking a post-accident test shouldn’t be any worry or concern in your life, regardless of which type of test that you are given. But remember, if you are hurt on the job, you’ll need to take a drug test before you qualify for any compensation from the insurance company for your injuries.